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immersive realities

Immerea is an interactive media company based in Vienna, focusing on the development of virtual reality games and interactive installations.

Vienna, Austria

At Immerea, we are passio­nate about pushing the boun­da­ries of immersive and inter­ac­tive tech­no­lo­gies, offering unfor­gettable expe­ri­ences. Through our projects, we aim to offer new perspec­tives on percep­tion and inter­ac­tion, delving into critical theories in games with high artistic quality.


Colla­bo­ra­tions, events

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We are thrilled to share that two of our three co-founders, Michael and Flavia, have been included to the FORBES 30 UNDER 30 Europe list of 2023!

Immerea @ SXSW 2023

We have been awarded by Advantace Austria and Vienna Business Agency with a special prize to attend this year’s edition of SXSW ! Further­more, we are also parti­ci­pa­ting as speakers as part of the “Beyond Play” panel organized by the New Dutch Wave.

Content Vienna Award 2022

We are happy to announce that our upcoming VR game “The Sound of Matter” has been awarded with this year’s Content Vienna Award and the SXSW special prize!



Manuel and Flavia from Immerea Studio are co-orga­ni­zers of XRVienna, Austria’s biggest community of VR/AR professionals

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Courses Seminars

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We currently hold various workshops and seminars on Virtual Reality, Games, and Digital Inclusion at Univer­si­ties and Institutions.

SS 2023 | Workshop
VR and Digital Inclusion
Univer­sity of Vienna, AT

SS 2023 | Course
VR/AR Proto­ty­ping and Implementation
FH St.Pölten, AT

SS 2023 | Workshop
Game Spaces
FH Hagenberg, AT

WS 2022–23 | Course
Digital Inclusion
Post­gra­duate Center
Univer­sity of Vienna, AT

WS 2022–23 | Workshop
Transarts Institute
Die Ange­wandte Vienna, AT

WS 2022–23 | Workshop
Expe­ri­mental Game Cultures Institute
Die Ange­wandte Vienna, AT

SS 2022 | Workshop
IMD 2022
GBS St. Gallen, CH

Gardenof Akori

VR game | in development

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Sandbox and Explo­ra­tion Game in VR

“Garden of Akori” is a creative sandbox and exploration game in VR where the player interacts with abstract digital organisms in a mysterious world. The game deals with a new materialist notion of energy and matter.

The prototype of “Garden of Akori” has been made possible with the support of aws Creative Impact.

The sound of matter

VR Game | Prototype stage

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Artistic VR Mystery Game

"The Sound of Matter" is a VR Mystery Game where you, a blind physicist, travel between fragments of time and space to find clues and solve a boycott. After an accident caused by a sabotage, you must travel through past, present, and future to discover who was behind it and make sure the event will not happen again.

The point cloud aesthe­tics aims to create an incom­plete view of the surroun­dings, able to expose single elements at a time.

Sketch Your Lamp

XR Instal­la­tion | 2023

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Developed for the XR company vrisch

Sketch Your Lamp (SYL) is a mixed-reality sketching tool. Users can design their ideal lamp by selecting a frame and using VR controllers as brushes. A holobox displays the process, and upon completion, users can print a QR code with an AR representation of their lamp.

The instal­la­tion is part of an in-store concept and opened at the end of April 2023 as part of the “EGLO World of Lights”.

Beyond My Skin

Inter­ac­tive instal­la­tion | 2023

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A project by Flavia Mazzanti. Produced by Immerea.

"Beyond My Skin" is a real-time application and media art installation dealing with body, identity, and digital inclusion. The project creates a phygital space in which visitors can experience a new way of self-perception away from binary and social representations.

Perfor­mers: Olivia Hild, Imani Rameses
Sound: Brootworth
​Concept and artistic direction: Flavia Mazzanti
Project Manage­ment: Design and Instal­la­tion: Manuel Bonell
Technical Artist: Tobias Mayer
Programming: Catherine Joy Calupas, Michael Bonell
Project realized with the support of: the City of Vienna and the Start­sti­pen­dium for Media Art from the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria (BMKÖS).


Hybrid short film | 2020

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Hybrid short film

“Sympoietic Bodies” is an artistic- philosophical project by Flavia Mazzanti presented through the medium film, which explores the disruption of the boundaries between the human body and its social and physical surroundings. The film experiments a post-anthropocentric scenario.

Written and directed by Flavia Mazzanti
“Sympoietic Bodies” is realized with the support of ORF III Kultur und Infor­ma­tion, the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria, the City of Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


CGI short film | 2021

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CGI short film from the Perfor­mance Series

“Re/Aktion” is a CGI short film from the performance series in public space (Re)Aktion. The project deals with the topics of homeland, human rights, young people who are invisible. A performative examination of one own’s history intended to create new connections.

A CGI short film by Manuel Bonell and Flavia Mazzanti
In coope­ra­tion with SPEAKERAT — Verein für Kunstprojekte
The perfor­mance series (Re)Aktion has been realized by SPEAKERAT with the support of SHIFT Wiener Kulturförderung.


About us

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An inter­di­sci­pli­nary team merging the areas of media art, archi­tec­ture and programming.

Michael Bonell

Manuel Bonell

Flavia Mazzanti

Manuel Bonell

Co-founder and CEO
Project Manage­ment, 3D and game design

Manuel is an artist and architect based in Vienna. He is inte­rested in proce­dural animation and design, inter­ac­tive instal­la­tions and virtual reality.

Flavia Mazzanti

Co-founder and CCO
Producer, art and research

Flavia is an artist and architect based in Vienna. Her work ranges from archi­­tec­­tural-philo­­so­­phical theories to media art and expe­ri­mental filmmaking.

Michael Bonell

Co-founder and CTO
Programming and IT

Michael is a versatile programmer living in Graz. His latest projects are focused in the fields of media art, game and web development.

Catherine Joy Calupas


Catherine is a programmer currently studying media infor­ma­tics and visual computing at the TU Wien. She graduated in media and game design at the HTL Spengergasse.


Open positions

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Currently no open position available

While there are no current open positions at the moment, Immerea is conti­nuously looking for talented indi­vi­duals to colla­bo­rate on diverse projects within game deve­lo­p­ment, gami­fi­ca­tion, and virtual installations.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Social media | Email

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Some of our clients and partners:

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