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immersive realities

Immerea is an interactive media company based in Vienna, focusing on the development of VR games and virtual installations.

Vienna, Austria

With Immerea, we are inte­rested in expe­ri­men­ting with immersive media and game as a medium with the aim of deve­lo­ping and providing new ways of percep­tion and inter­ac­tion. Our works explore philo­so­phical-spatial theories and digital inclusion in games with high artistic quality.


Colla­bo­ra­tions, events

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We are hiring!

Immerea is currently looking for a Programmer / Tech Artist to join our team

Workshops in WS 22–23

Various workshops in Austrian Univer­si­ties on VR, Games and Digital Inclusion



Manuel and Flavia from Immerea Studio are co-orga­ni­zers of XRVienna, Austria’s biggest community of VR/AR professionals

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Courses Seminars

Gardenof Akori

VR game | in development

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Sandbox and Explo­ra­tion Game in VR

“Garden of Akori” is a creative sandbox and exploration game in VR for single player or up to 5 friends, where the player interacts with abstract digital organisms in a mysterious world. The game deals with a new materialist notion of energy and matter.

The prototype of “Garden of Akori” has been made possible with the support of aws Creative Impact.

The sound of matter

VR expe­ri­ence | in development

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Artistic VR Mystery Game

“The sound of matter” is a VR experience designed with and for a great inclusion for blind and visually impaired people. You play as a scientist who after a failed experiment has to travel between fragments of time and places. You need to make choices and find clues to solve a boycott.

The scenario takes place in the city of Vienna. The project will be realized with the help of the local blind community.


Hybrid short film | 2020

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Hybrid short film

“Sympoietic Bodies” is an artistic- philosophical project by Flavia Mazzanti presented through the medium film, which explores the disruption of the boundaries between the human body and its social and physical surroundings. The film experiments a post-anthropocentric scenario.

Written and directed by Flavia Mazzanti
“Sympoietic Bodies” is realized with the support of ORF III Kultur und Infor­ma­tion, the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria, the City of Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Trailer | Making-of


CGI short film | 2021

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CGI short film from the Perfor­mance Series

“Re/Aktion” is a CGI short film from the performance series in public space (Re)Aktion. The project deals with the topics of homeland, human rights, young people who are invisible. A performative examination of one own’s history intended to create new connections.

A CGI short film by Manuel Bonell and Flavia Mazzanti
In coope­ra­tion with SPEAKERAT — Verein für Kunstprojekte
The perfor­mance series (Re)Aktion has been realized by SPEAKERAT with the support of SHIFT Wiener Kulturförderung.


About us

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An inter­di­sci­pli­nary team merging the areas of media art, archi­tec­ture and programming.

Michael Bonell

Manuel Bonell

Flavia Mazzanti

Manuel Bonell

Project Manage­ment and Art

Manuel is an artist and architect based in Vienna. He is inte­rested in proce­dural animation and design, inter­ac­tive instal­la­tions and virtual reality.

Flavia Mazzanti

Concept and Research

Flavia is an artist and architect based in Vienna. Her work ranges from archi­­tec­­tural-philo­­so­­phical theories to media art and expe­ri­mental filmmaking.

Michael Bonell

Programming and IT

Michael is a versatile programmer living in Graz. His latest projects are focused in the fields of media art, game and web development.

Catherine Joy Calupas


Catherine is a programmer currently studying media infor­ma­tics and visual computing at the TU Wien. She graduated in media and game design at the HTL Spengergasse.


Open positions

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Unity programmer / Technical artist:

We are looking for a enthu­si­astic and motivated person with expe­ri­ence in game deve­lo­p­ment who can help us with various projects in the areas of game deve­lo­p­ment, gami­fi­ca­tion, and virtual installations.
Download job description

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Social media | Email

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Some of our clients and partners:

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